s t u m p

artworks and studio practice



self portraits of getting your head back after being in the western australian landscape for too long
wax heads
western australian oxides and mineral and found objects
stump stumpfel stusha
smack wars 1979, blackwall reach, western australia
austen steel 1999
post fire glass and casting sand 1999
you go around making holes, take that drill, how does that make you feel?
lightburn drill from mr smith
air half inch drive light from Brittney 2018
funny to see cutlery that has worn down to within an inch of it's life
utensils to failure point
I live on an island and I think of that when I see an island from the island I am standing on
island study
south western australian geology and wax
firing record slumped jars 2015
a disused fish tank becomes the van
draw for ward
exhibition proposal
the colour way of western australian soils and silts used in encaustic paintings and wax sculptures
western australian soils from assay laboratory

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